Posted by: Coventry BA photography | September 22, 2011

A new blog for a new era.

This blog has reached the point when I have started to question why am I running it, something we must all do from time to time.

It started as a test, something to share my interests and research with a wider audience and to inform the student group of things that I draw inspiration from.

1K people link to this site per month, but does it still contain information that is relevant or has it just become a useful / useless navigation tool?

After much deliberation I’ve decided to rethink what I want from my blog and the answer I’ve come up with is to split my blogging into distinctly different areas, one direction will be my role as the course director for Coventry Universities BA Photography course. The information I need to post relating to this role will be filtered via an internal system (Moodle) or via our course blog CU Photography which is shared by the course team.

The second blog will contain my personal interests and ideas that relate to the development of my new work, this blog will be located at Paul M Smith.

So like the mass of other blogs that populate the virtual world this site will wither and eventual be put down to rest thank for following it.




  1. I found the blog quite useful whilst I was at Coventry.

    Thanks for all your hard work Mr.Smith.

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